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About Veggie

  • More than 500 products and our range is expanding
  • Import/export to 7 ountries and we are still growing
  • Up to 2 times delivery per week
  • Mix your order with fresh, dry and frozen goods

Veggie Fruit is supplier for Asian, Europe and African products. We supply wholesalers, supermarkets and shops since 2017. Our suppliers represent the best of what Asia, Africa and Europe can offer, they are the best in their trade.

We will help you to authentic and delightful tastes from each continents.

Our company has been importing goods from Asia and exporting them to Europe since 2017. We can offer all kinds of tropical herbs and roots, fruit and vegetables, food and groceries from Asia and Europe. High quality and freshness of our foodstuff as well as exact weighing are always on the first place of our quality evaluation scale. All food and products are delivered in time and their freshness is quaranteed in accordance with all norms. Asian foodstuff is currently in high demand and its popularity on European market continues to grow. Our company VEGGIE has been therefore investing in a food processing factory and also in a farm, in order to be able to provide ultimately fresh produce. We are looking forward to cooperation with you and any comments and opinions regarding our products and services, that will enable us to supply you with the best goods.

Veggie Fruit s.r.o. 

Veggie Team
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