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How does it work?

Step 1: Registration request
Fill the form in section Becoming customer. Please fill all details.
Step 2: Contacting about additional information
Wait until we contact you about two or three days. We will discuss the details - minimum order, price list, product list, payments and preferred delivery date Monday or Thursday.
Step 3: Confirmation of the request
Email with confirmation and login information to your ordering account.
Step 4: You can order
Now you can order. We look forward to future orders.

Condition order


  • the price are by 1kg each item (only VEG-CODE)
  • the price included transport and for export in EU to you is no tax in Invoice
  • the price is direct to your destination for free with the minimum order from 30kg VEG-CODE or 500 EUR all products per shipment - If under the minimum order, you must pay charge transportation fees +15 EUR / delivery



  • there are many another items we have for you, if you need to update, please write email to us request if you do not find them on Website.



  • for order you can order for delivery every MONDAY/THURSDAY
  • you send us order 7 days before = one week before
  • my courier will call you in 30 minutes to your handy, please come and take your order and check all goods
  • we delivery to your address - as you gave us in registration, if you have any changes, please contact to your personal supporter or write down inside the notes in your order in website
  • we delivery only to one address for each time delivery - the address will not change if you have no inform another one



  • for order you can order for delivery every MONDAY for NEXT MONDAY / THURSDAY for NEXT THURSDAY
  • the total order you send us have minimum 30 KG VEG-CODE or 500 EUR all products per shipment
    • Vegetable and fruit - price by kilogram/order from 30kg total and one items from 0.3kg
    • Snack fresh food and ingredients - price per piece/stuck, order by piece/stuck from total 5pcs
    • Price EU code products - price per kilogram order by box order from 2 boxes
    • Price CZ code per bunch, order CZ code local Czech farm from 2 boxes
    • Price Dryfood is per PC, order Dryfood code by box order from 2 boxes
  • in each order you send please write your active Phone number and Code customer and date delivery



  • all payment by cash when we delivery to you
  • after doing the stable business order frequently we can deciding for payment by bank
  • all the payment by bank will deciding by risk management



  • if you need invoice/did not get all invoice you write request to this mail:
  • please all mention the code customer, shipment number and date delivery



  • if there are any claims please send back to us images, videos in 6 hours maximum after delivery
  • after 6 hours of delivery, we do not accept any claims for goods
  • every images, videos of damaged goods need to have our sticker, LOT number, logo on it
  • after receiving full information and proof of damaged goods, we will check the reasons and circumstance to see if we can refund 100% of the damaged goods for you or only part of it
  • the total of claim can accept and return only 3% on total amount of delivery note/packing list
Veggie Team
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